How to Get Involved in Slightly SummerFest 

As the months passed it became obvious that loosening of executive orders was not going to be announced with enough time for us to coordinate, plan and execute our traditional SummerFest event. If we had known several weeks ago exactly what the conditions would be on June 12, we would’ve done everything possible to keep it “normal” for our community. Unfortunately, that did not happen and several factors require us to put our heads together and move forward with a new idea that we know will bring FUN into our community for 2021!


Slightly Summerfest will focus on small events throughout the City of Sartell from June 9-13. We want you as businesses to get involved and host your own events at your establishments and we will include those as Slightly Summerfest events and include it in our marketing efforts.  

So far, we have a few events we know will FOR SURE be happening:


How does your business get involved?  Feature live music on a patio, SummerFest specials, coordinate a cornhole or dodgeball tournament, etc. If your business would like to host a small event from June 9-13, please connect with us via email and we will provide more information!